4 VIDEOS #Xpresionpixel Level 1&2



The technique that changed the way of understanding color in the hairdressing industry.

The basis of our entire color concept is a boundless spiral that evolves technique after technique, Xpresionpixel is the fundamental basis to be able to carry out the rest of the color courses that we have in our education book.

What are you going to learn?

Through 4 step-by-step videos you will learn the most revolutionary technique in the history of hairdressing.

  • You will be able to know the details of the technique and introduce yourself to our horizontal color concept and offer a totally   differentiating service to your clients.
  • You will know the tricks and secrets to perform the Xpresionpixel technique without problems or errors.
  • Through the 2 essential levels to have maximum command of the technique.
  • How to perform the technique on roots, medium and long areas of the hair.
  • Introduction to #xpresionpixel Level 2.

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Duration: #Xpresionpixel Level 1 (3 videos)

Video 1 (20 minutes) Xpresionpixel media zone on hair.
Video 2 (17 minutes) Xpresionpixel bang.
Video 3 (20 minutes) Xpresionpixel Roots.

#Xpresionpixel Level 2 (1 video) of an approximate duration of 1 hour.

Video 1 (20 minutes) Xpresionpixel level 2 Double Pixel


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