YS Park 112 Tail Comb


YS Park 112 Tail Comb 8.9″. Smooth and strong. Built from durable ultem-plastic, which is 428°F resistant. Specially-sized for all cutting needs. Engineered with gradually-decreasing pitch to facilitate even tension on the hair.

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Made from ultem plastic
 428°F Resistant
 Ultra flexible
 Gradually-decreasing pitch (GDP)
Even tension on hair

Length: 8.9 inches
Parting Head: Shortened first tooth
Heat Resistant: Up to 428 F (220 C)
Weight: 4 oz
Dimensions: 9 × 1 × .2 in
Color: Green

1 comb = 1 tree

Sponsor a tree in the positive forest by purchasing an X-presion green comb.

Bosque Positivo is a 100% collaborative project that aims to involve all professionals,
driven by X-presion, it started with the planting of 300 trees in a Spanish forest area in Avila that needs environmental regeneration or has been devastated by fire.

“Together we can make the positive forest as big as we want it to be. it will grow with the impetus and involvement of the whole profession, which will give the project a very special value”.


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