Project Description


Trompe-l’œil is X-presion’s new story, Trompe-l’œil which means: optical illusion, is based on a new hair-colouring technique we invented trying to make a trap with colour that tricks a person into believing that he sees something different from what he actually sees, this colour techinque creates a depth in the hair where depending on the angle from which you look at it gives a visual sensation of 3D, it can actually trick the eye into thinking that some of the colours are places deeper into the hair tan others or even simulates cut’s with scissors on some of the colour lines.

The technique actually came to life a few years ago in our Hair Lab in Madrid, #xpresionstudio, but it has been in a drawer until now, while further developing it into what has now become our new collection Trompe-l’œil.

When you come up with something new it’s a process, it can sometimes take years from the first idea to the final product.
Some of our colour techniques have evolved from previous techniques and therefore the process is faster and more fluid, but this time we have tried to come up with something completely new to revolutionize the hairdressing industry the same way the X-presion pixels did and inspire hairdressers all over the world.

Project Details

Credits :

• Idea & Art direction: X-presion @xpresioncreativos
• Photo: Alberto Hidalgo @_alberto_hidalgo
• Hair: X-presion
• Asist Fotografía: @sergio_borondo @nanolopezz @sakasuaveseda
• Asist Digital: @maitanehuidobro
• Post production: @1sr4lozano by @lamascarastudio
• Bolt: @somosrobolt
• Studio: @espacioharley
• Production: @studioharley
• Wardrobe Styling: Carol Gamarra
• Make up: Pablo Robledo
• Make up assistant: Almudena Garcia
• Retouch: La Mascara Studio
• Models: Claudia Gago, India Tuerslay, Milena Smit


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