[Sketch: a hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study]

Sketch is a movement. Sketch is a quick and natural drawing. Sketch is a number of linked ideas – outlined and spontaneous scribbles that in one stroke unite a whole universe of hair colors shapes and textures. Sketch is an outcome of a collective idea and also the first hair collection presented in Cinemagraphs (animated gifs). Sketch is the latest creation of X-presion team.

X-presion about their latest creation – finalist of the AIPP Grand Trophy 2012/2013, the most prestigious hairdressing award: “Sketch is a unique collection that unite avant-garde, cutting-edge creations with totally commercial ones through very subtle connections: the pattern created with the threads reflect the shapes of the incredible headdresses, that, in turn, repeat the color and the messages that come from the flowing hair. Sketch is a result of the great team work. A virgin canvas that thanks to the art of this team has got such a magnificent color and rhythm.”

Project Details

Sketch was born thanks to:

Original idea: X-presion

Hair: X-presion

Photography: Gustavo López Mañas

Styling: Carol Gamarra

Retouch: Roger Caminals

Make up: Laura Del Muro

Artistic Collaboration: Javier Reta & Yasmina Tous

Models: Ruxanda Varta @ Traffic y  Alessandra Ching @ Uno

Clothing: Amaya Arzuaga / Martinez Lierah / Carol Gamarra / Leyre Valiente / Madrubb / Lollipops / Nihil Obstat / Sandra Palomar

You can see Sketch in movement here, here and also…

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