Secret Master Class


Sssshhhhhhhh… ¿Can you keep a secret?

Vibrant, emotional, unforgettable. On October, 7th over a hundred of hairstylists formed part of an extremely creative educational session organized by X-presion. Secret Master Class, a unique within hairdressing industry educative project , shaked up the minds of all the attendees, spreading free and unprejudiced spirit. What makes the experience even more special is that Secret Master Class is like a blind tasting. Until the very last moment the attendees don’t know neither where will the event take place nor whom they will be seing on stage. Never before a hairstylist can imagine a possibility of exchanging the thoughts with the legendary Robert Lobetta, while enjoying the creative pulse of Richard Ashforth (Saco Hair, UK), Emiliano Vitale (éSalon),Xavi García (Salon44, Spain) or X-presion

Neomudejar, a modern art centre in the Madrid’s district of Atocha, was chosen to host the second edition of Secret Master Class. Decades ago this building used to be a part of the principle railway station of the city; today this place is a residence for emerging artists proclaimed as a home to “the liberty of creators, crazy and silenced ones”. The day of  Secret Master Class Neomudejar was not only a perfect decoration, but one of the main protagonists of the event. The very special atmosphere of the venue welcomed the attendees to open their minds, get inspired and share their ideas.

All the protagonists had a secret to reveal to the audience: Robert Lobetta spoke about his artistic and creative evolution, about the importance of the experiments and constant change of the approaches; Richard Ashforth made an exclusive presentation of his upcoming collection; Xavi García shared some interesting tips about how to work with hair for fashion editorials; dreams and architecture were pondered by Lisa Natalie Muscat and Emiiano Vitale from éSalon; X-presion based their presentation on their revolutionary technique #xpresionthread as well as experimented with a new way to apply the color “only on roots”… There is no way to explain with the words the pure essence of the Secret Master Class along with an endless energy of all those who were there. Emiliano resumed with certainty that this experience was a reflection of the every second, every minute of his career.

“Secret Master Class is an event that encourages the development, the respect and the creative liberty. The hairdressing has a great potencial. The key is dreaming and sharing these dreams afterwards. Bringing together Richard, Robert, Xavi and Emiliano is the best jam session that we could ever imagine ”, summ up the boys from X-presion, who assure that more editions are coming.  Meanwhile the new secret dates are still to be announced, a photographic book  shot stealthily by Robert Lobetta in Neomudejar will be presented soon.

Notes to the editor.

Secret Master Class is 100% X-presion’s product.


Secret Master Class is an independent, itinerant and unpredictable event that aims to open minds and excite the audience with the inspiring venues and great surprises.


Secret Master Class Neomudejar Madrid was the 3rd edition of an event that evolves constantly.


Secret Master Class is expected to be repeated soon in various places around the globe.


Although without any fixed destination, the founding spirit of this initiative stays the same: make a small group of hairstylists who follow X-presion in social media live a professional dream.

Project Details

  • Hair: X-presion con #xpresionthread
  • Hair accessory: #xpresionthread
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