What’s Beauty Creatures?

Beauty Creatures is the first NFT hairart, educational and utilitarian project stored on the Ethereum Blockchain in the Foundation Marketplace. The first generation consists of 8 completely unique Tokens, with different characteristics, items, classes and utilities.

A series of eight images that put together the artistry of hair



Each Beauty Creatures Token is completely unique, so it’s already quite special, but the collection also features different characteristics like items, and secret properties that give it different levels of weirdness, giving it great collectible value. All Tokens have associated utilities that you can discover below.

Rarity Level

Rarity Level/Rarity Level Some Tokens are scarcer than others, which increases their level of rarity. What determines the rarity of each piece are the special properties it has.

What are the utilities of the tokens?

By owning a Beauty Creatures Token you automatically become an exclusive member of the community, giving you access to special benefits.

Each owner of a Beauty Creatures Token will have access to an exclusive online event that will be held once a year for 3 years. Additionally you will have access to the Vip community on Telegram.

The rarest Tokens in the collection are 2 Tokens. In addition to having all the above benefits, these Tokens have a special utility that will allow you to be part of the X-presion team in any of its fashion weeks, trips around the globe or events by acquiring the Gold badge of the Head Hackers Community.

Each Token has a maximum of 1 use until December 2024 (You can check the available uses of each Token on the X-presion website).

Certain secret properties give access to events, raffles and special surprises that we prepare throughout the year.

All the information of the events, Masterminds, surprises and interest aspects to the community will be shared through Telegram.

Road Map

February 20th 2022
Launching in Foundation. We will launch 4 Tokens at a floor price of 0.3 ETH

March 2022
We will mint 4 more tokens

June 2022
X-presion Mastermind began with those bearers of the 2 special Tokens and the special events and surprises for the community.

October 2022
Kick off the first exclusive Beauty Creatures event. The date of the event will be announced along with details 30 days in advance. Holding a token will give you access a website by connecting your Metamask to watch the live event and later access the recordings.

2023 – 2024 & +
We’ll continue with events, Masterminds and the surprises for the community and open doors to different possibilities for the growth of the community, such as partnerships with brands, merchandising, among other things.


What is an NFT?
• An NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. It’s basically digital private property that users can buy, own, and trade. The main function of NFTs is digital art and collecting, but some offer additional utility such as exclusive access to websites, participation in an event, etc. Think of these assets as a collector’s item that can also act as a “members” card.

What is Metamask?
• Metamask is a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is necessary to buy and mint an NFT. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address, and this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use here! >>> (https://metamask.io/)

What sales commissions do Smart Contracts have?
• Beauty Creatures has a royalty commission of 15% per sale. This with the aim of aligning our incentives with the revaluation of the collection. In addition, Foundation has a fixed commission of 10% for sales.

What can I do with my Beauty Creatures Token?
• You have the freedom to do everything you want with your Tokens, you can print it and put it on your wall, print it on a shirt, use it as a profile picture, sell it, rent it, auction it. It’s yours, forever!

Is it a good investment to buy a Token?
• This is a decision entirely yours. We bet that Beauty Creatures is a project in constant growth and we will try our best because each piece is revalued, however the success of this project depends on so many factors that it is impossible to determine it.

Who is behind this project?
• X-presion are the founders of Beauty Creatures, which currently has a growing community (Head Hackers). Jorge Cancer, Jose Luis Almendral and Marco Antonio Restrepo are the founders of X-presion, a multidisciplinary creative studio that uses hair as a way of expression their art. They are on the list as one of the most relevant influencers in the beauty and fashion industry being the producers of the project.

•In addition Javier Marquez is a Spanish photographer based in Madrid (Spain) whose work is focused on fashion and portraits. His work is published in magazines such as Forbes, L´Officiel, Robb Report and works for clients such as Hermes, Loewe, Nars and Shiseido. The makeup by De Maria one of the most important makeup artist in Spain and head director of Graftobian Europe. The styling by Lauro San Blas art director and stylist of brands and magazines such as Fucking Young, Mango, Adidas or Desigual. And the costumes by Peter Sposito, a Spanish designer who understands the philosophy of his brand and its pieces as the unique pieces of art.

An exclusive team to present Beauty Creatures the genesis collection of  X-presion on the Blockchain

Calle Embajadores 35 28012 Madrid- Spain
00 34 912 19 31 93
00 34 691 677 979

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